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Your business phone system In the cloud


More than a simple business phone line, get a Business Phone System that includes Auto Attendant, Virtual receptionist, Extensions making your business look bigger, and enabling your clients to reach the right employee faster. Get an HD phone system that increases your business’ productivity all while reducing costs by 40%. Stop paying contract fees, hidden fees, and utterly unnecessary fees. Serve clients better, with a phone system that's easy to use, incredibly advanced and more affordable than traditional solutions. Employees can access of all their phone system capabilities from anywhere, anytime and from any device. Get a Complete turnkey Business Phone System, whether you have 2 or 200 employees


Companies Who Trust Simplycom

Complete turnkey Business Phone System, whether you have 2 or 200 employees.

  • Expedia Cruise Ship
    Cloud Contact Center

    The Expedia Cruise Ship Center located in Saint-Jerome uses the Simplycom I.P. telephone system. As for any call centre, it is imperative to find a reliable and consistent solution. It was thus obligatory to provide a high quality phone system for this particular client. Furthermore, the senior manager did not want to miss any phone calls even if the agent had left his office. Simplycom thus proposed a solution which contained call groups,  call cascade rules and other functionalities enabling all incoming calls to be answered, without exception. You may also benefit from our effectiveness by simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!


  • Francis Desjardins

    «My organisation had the great pleasure to utilize the services of Simplycom in order to obtain the optimal solution in the telephone industry, according to our needs. They also exhibited tremendous proficiency in the installation and deployment of the telephone system. The possess an astounding level of knowledge in the telephony field. Their swiftness to understand our preoccupations and our financial stakes allowed us to proceed quickly and to make choices after having explored all the possibilities offered to us. We have greatly appreciated their availability and the prompt follow-up of our case. The customer experience we have received, joint with the high level of competence displayed, has fully convinced us. We will not hesitate to reemploy their services.» You may also benefit from our expertise by simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!

    Francis Desjardins – Administrator, Health and Social Services Professional, contractor.

  • Expedia Cruise Ship
    Cloud Contact Centef

    Expedia Cruise Ship Centres, the new call centre located in Laval, uses the Simplycom telephone system. Many agents from this call centre share the same telephone extension. It was thus necessary to implement a solution including extension flexibility as well as roaming offices so that agents. With these features, agents would be able to work handily from any office. The Simplycom telephone service allows agents to maintain the phone number and extension no matter the phone or office used. Furthermore, the Expedia Laval branch wanted to be able to do video conferencing on top of telephony. Thanks to our unparalleled expertise in QoS for large corporations,  we were able to put into operation a customised resolution for this particular customer. You may also benefit from our skill by simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!

  • Marie-Claire Boutique

    The Boutique Marie-Claire call centre utilizes the Simplycom I.P. telephone system. With over 75 stores in eastern Canada, Marie-Claire is a powerhouse in the Quebec fashion industry. When the owners endeavored to open a new call centre, we proposed an advanced telephone model that perfectly suited their need for high-end technology. It was also reliable and at a competitive price, thus creating ample value. Simplycom is proud to respond to the needs of the jewel of the Quebec apparel industry. You may also benefit from our technological know-how  by simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!

  • Aimia Aeroplan

    Aimia is a world leader in loyalty programs. They are renowned namely for their Aeroplan card. Simplycom has completed several consultation mandates for this company. The objective was to integrate the new telephone functionalities into their existing Aeroplan call centre. These mandates required an in-depth knowledge in I.P. telephony, specifically in the Cisco UC solutions. The advantage of Simplycom is that we operate the same way for corporations that we do for small and medium enterprises. You will thus profit from the same first-class equipment as well as the same level of reliability and discipline that we offer to large companies. All you need to do is call us now at 1-844-303-1300!

  • TD Canada Trust

    TD Bank has a highly complex phone system consisting of call centres and numerous corporate offices. Simplycom is proud to help provide helpful consulting services. Those, in turn, enable TD to find a satisfactory solution for IP phone systems. Simplycom’s expertise was put to use, specifically during operational mandates aiming to support the North-American telephony platform of TD Bank. A major advantage that Simplycom possesses is that we operate the way for corporations than we do for Small and medium enterprises. You will thus profit from the same first-class equipment as well as the same level of reliability and discipline that we offer to large companies. All you need to do is call us now at 1-844-303-1300!

  • Darspec Ingénieurs

    The company «Darspec Ingénieurs et Experts» uses the Simplycom I.P. telephone system. This technologically advanced enterprise has very specific needs. For example, some employees often teleworking and want to have equipment which will enable them to be flexible. We have thus deployed a hybrid solution allowing them to work away from the office with a combination of physical and virtual telephones. The Darspec employees can now work from anywhere, at any time. You can enjoy this privilege by simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!

  • Global Security
    U.S. and Canada

    The Canadian and American offices of Global Security use the Simplycom I.P. telephone system. This company helps protect  thousands of residential and commercial buildings in Canada. It is the most important Authorized Agent ADT in the country since 2001. Therefore, a reliable and technologically enhanced solution, possessing the teleworking feature, was required. The Simplycom telephone system enabled Global Security to make enormous savings by centralising all there telephone needs to a single platform for all their offices n Canada and the United States. You can also save large sums of money by simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!

  • Devlor
    Boisbriand, QC

    Devlor employs the Simplycom I.P. telephone system, which consists of a mixture of physical I.P. phones and virtual phones enabling more flexibility in business endeavors. Since 1986 Devlor carries out extensive building projects. The company thus wanted an advanced and reliable telephone system which would allow each employee to choose between a physical phone and a virtual phone. To properly cater to this need, we have implemented a hybrid solution wherein every member of staff had a personalized configuration. Hence, an employee can have a physical I.P. phone in the office and a virtual phone when he is at home or elsewhere. The customer making a phone call to Devlor sees no difference. He dials an extension and the call is forwarded to the staff member on his active device. This generates a wonderful customer experience. You can ensure your business becomes more flexible by simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!

  • Pierre B. Remax VIP

    «A friend has reffered me to Simplycom because I was looking for a solution for my team members who are often on the road. The Simplycom representative quickly guided me towards a customized option, thanks to which I can now either telework or perform tasks from the office without any hazard. Since I am also constantly on the road, I really like the added flexibility. I am thrilled with Simplycom. Do not hesitate, you will have experienced and courteous individuals giving you flexible and reliable solutions.». Indeed, you will benefit from an optimal customer experience by  simply calling us at 1-844-303-1300!

    Pierre B. Remax V.I.P – Real Estate Broker.

  • Bériza Larose Pht

    «Simplycom has greatly helped us  to configure a virtual receptionist for our business. The agents were able to clearly explain to us the various steps needed to set up our phone menu. I recommend Simplycom, they are professional and expert technicians that are very approachable as well.» As you can see, you will benefit from approaching us right now.Simply call at 1-844-303-1300!

    Bériza Larose Pht. – Health and Social Services Professional Administrator at Clinique GO.

  • Telus / Hydro Québec
    Telus / Hydro Québec

    The Simplycom counseling service has be selected by Telus Corporation for the I.P. telephone design at Hydro-Quebec. We are proud to have contributed greatly to the integration of brand new applications such as instant messaging. Since the design of Hydro  Quebec I.P. telephone system is broad and complex, the technological challenges were numerous and required narrowly-specialized  expertise in this particular domain. The Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) may now benefit from this same highly knowledgeable and reliable service for their respective I.P. telephone projects. They simply need to call us at 1-844-303-1300.